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Let Knowtify Make It Simple!
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Knowtify is the very first of its kind death notification mobile app that guarantees an immediate and personal communication blast to your chosen loved ones and connections, upon your death. Knowtify takes the power of choice and puts it in your hand. With the Knowtify mobile app, you have full autonomy and full discretion. Knowtify lets you create your list, your way. We make it easy for you to ensure that no one is ever left out.

As a Knowtify subscriber, you instantly become a gift giver with the power to provide your loved ones with a rare commodity: time. You are giving your loved ones time to plan, time to reflect, time to celebrate, and time to remember.


key features

Key Features

Leave a Message

The “Media Memoriam” feature is a very special place where you can create a message to any paid subscriber on your “Connections” list. This message is a treasure all its own. Give a gift that your “Connections” can download and replay, when remembering you.

Protect Your Information

The "vault" is your personal guide map to everything important. It helps ensure that all your important affairs are easily tended to. This is where you create a list of locations for your important documents, contact info, safe combinations etc. When the time comes, this information will be sent to your designated person/people.

Tell Your Story

Many times, we encounter people, who take lifelong journeys with us, through work, sports affiliations, military service, sorority or fraternal organizations, volunteering, etc., and we only get to know and connect with them on those various levels. Knowtify’s “Biography” feature allows you the opportunity to reintroduce yourself to those who thought they knew you best. At Knowtify, we believe in celebrating life.

Save & Share Memories

Your Time Capsule is a virtual storage space that houses a journal and other chosen media. You are free to share your capsule with whomever you desire, if you desire. You may choose to create capsules for any of your “Connections.” Once your “Knowtify” button is activated, these dedicated time capsules, along with any saved media you create, will be sent to those you have created capsules for. Add a little. Add a lot. Add funny pics, serious thoughts, confessionals, pics of concert tickets, whatever.

Stay Connected

Through the “Question of the Week” feature, our team will send out a question that offers users a chance to grant a closer look into themselves and their personality. Once answered, the responses go out to your “Connections.” What new information will you learn about your “Connections?” Better yet, what will they learn about you? 

Create a Clear Plan

Knowtify’s “Estate Planning” feature makes it easy to ensure that your assets go exactly where you want them to go. We have partnered with legal experts who help us put the power of estate planning in the palm of your hands so your specific desires will be carried out.  

Find The Right Words

Once the Knowtify button is activated, the “Knowtifyer” has the choice of creating a custom message or choosing one of our delicately worded prewritten messages. Each message will include the name of the subscriber. This allows the “Knowtifyer” more time to focus on celebrating their loved one.





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As a subscriber, you create a list of 3 “Knowtifyers,” either of whom, upon your passing, simply press the “Knowtify” button, which instantly sends out email and text notifications to everyone on a private list that you create, edit, and configure. That’s right. Only you and the person you add to your “Connections” list know who’s on your list. Not even the “Knowtifyers” can see or access your list (including the identity of other “Knowtifyers”). They simply commit to pushing a button.

How it works

Pricing Plans

Knowtify offers simple solutions to features that, if individually obtained through other sources, could cost you thousands of dollars. Simplicity, convenience, and expedience are all included benefits of Knowtify, regardless of your subscription choice.

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Learn More

Fortunately, this subscription option is pretty straightforward and self-explanatory. What needs to be known about this option, is that if anyone with this subscription is a paid subscriber’s designated “Knowtifyer,” they get the perk of free “Media Memoriam” download. The best benefits come from being a paid subscriber, so subscribe today. 

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You get all of the same options as a Free Subscriber, but you also get the benefit of all of the extra stuff. As mentioned, you can rest assured that all of our future upgrades and features will be available to you. What’s even better is that if you are already a paid subscriber, and we have future subscription increases, your monthly cost will remain wherever it is, at the time of the increase.

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With this subscription option, you have the very best of all the worlds. One payment, and you are locked in, forever. It’s that simple. So regardless of what super amazingness we bring to the app in the future, you get to enjoy it, and as we have already guaranteed, we have some great upgrades and future features on the horizon.

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Because you are already becoming a Knowtify subscriber, you clearly recognize the importance of this app. Why not bring a few people along with you? For one monthly price, you can add up to 4 more people as full-use members, on your plan. This plan gives you the biggest bang for your buck, if you have family members or friends who you really feel can use Knowtify. 

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Why you need


Knowtify provides peace of mind in a world that has very little. The loss of a loved one is sometimes the most traumatic event we ever experience. Those left behind are already challenged with learning how to continue without you. When you subscribe to Knowtify, you all but guarantee that "those who matter" are included and ensure that whoever bears the task of taking care of your business, can do so with as little difficulty as possible, because you have already done the heaviest lifting.

The future of


We have conceptualized Knowtify to be your one-stop mobile app for all things information dissemination. In addition to the continued consistency and performance of our base app, we will continue to bring you more easily accessible features and tools such as the “check-in”, “memorial planning,” “social media partnering,” “global access,” and our amazing Knowtify app suite.

Where to find


Please follow us on




at TheKnowtifyApp, where we will be posting consistent updates allowing you to learn more about us, as we learn more about you. We look forward to interacting with you and hearing your suggestions and testimonies.


Thank you for choosing the Knowtify app and the Knowify, Inc team.

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